Self Checkout

The Derby Public Library is excited to provide an improved self-service checkout. This service gives you the opportunity to bypass long lines and check out materials directly with the library system. Self check is easy, quick and efficient.


To use the self check machine, you must have:

  •   A valid Derby Public Library Card
  •   An account with less than $10 in fines and no lost materials.

Follow the simple instructions on the screen (instructions are also detailed below), scanning your books yourself. After approving the transaction, the machine will:

  •  Print a receipt telling you when the items are due
  •  Desensitize the books so you can exit the building


  • Place your library card flat onto the self check with the barcode and number facing up, slide the barcode under the red line until the machine registers the card number.


  • You may be prompted to pay any fines you have, please use the touchscreen to go through the prompts until you get to the checkout screen.


  • Place your items on the square in front of you, you may stack multiple items at once, but too many books and they might not all register.


  • The items will show up on the screen as they are being checked out, if you get an error with a certain item, remove the other books and try that particular book again.


  • After all items are checked out, remove the books from the machine and you will be given options to print/email a receipt or print no receipt at all.


  • Take your receipt and you are done!


If you need assistance, a library staff member will be happy to help.