Printing Instructions

How to print from a public computer in the library.


Please note that their may be differences in how to print depending on the program you are using.  The following are general instructions.


1:  You must be logged into the computer with your Library Card or Guest ID.  If you are not logged in with your card, you will not be able to pick up your print jobs.

2:  Click on File in the upper left of the screen and select Print Preview before printing to make sure your copies will print how you want them.

3:  From Print Preview your can click the print button or hit escape on your keyboard to exit the preview and then click on File and Print.  If you are printing a PDF or a Google Document or similar you may have to click on the Print Icon instead of File.

4:  A Window will come up with various options on how you want to print, the number of copies etc..

5:  Click Ok and a message with number of copies and a total cost will be displayed. 

6:  Click Ok and a message will say your job has been received, there is no need to select a print station, you can pick up your print job from any of the stations.

7:  Proceed to the nearest Print Station and follow the instructions provided here.


If you have any issues, see Staff at the Front Desk.  Do not try to service the computer or printer yourself.