Print Release Stations

Print Release Stations

A Print Release Station is located at the back of the Computer Lab, in the Teen Area and next to the photocopier.  At this time only the Computer Lab station accepts cash, you must add money to your Library/AAM account to print from the other stations.


1:  On the Print Release Station, click on “Release a Print Job”

2:  Enter your Library Card Number or Guest Pass ID & Pin number.  If your Print Jobs do not show up, please exit and retype your information.

3:  Highlight the jobs you want to print, either individually or with the select all button.  At the top right you will see the total cost to print.  You are able to print up to $5 at this station, anything above this please see the Front Desk.

4:  After highlighting your print jobs, click on the print icon in the upper left and you will be presented with the following options:

            A:  Pay from vending device

            B:  Pay from AAM deposit account

5:  If you choose to pay with cash, click the pay from vending device icon.  Deposit your money in the coin machine to the right of this station and then click ok.  Your print job will be released, click ok on the screen and click done.

6:  If you choose to pay from your AAM account, you must first deposit money into it, you can do so from this station by clicking “Manage Your AAM Account” from the main screen.

7:  When you have deposited money in your account, you can click on the pay from AAM icon and your print job will be released automatically, click ok on the screen and click done.


If you have any issues, see Staff at the Front Desk.  Do not try to service the printer yourself.