What is your check-out policy?

A registered library card holder who does not have his/her card in hand can have their items held for 24 hours at the Front Desk.

How do I get a library card?

You need to show identification with your name and current address. A parent, grandparent, or legal guardian must present his/her identification and sign the registration card for children 15 and under.

What if I lose my library card?

There is a $1.00 charge for a replacement card that is lost or damaged. If your card is lost or stolen you need to report it to us immediately so no one can use it.

Can someone else use my library card?

The library assumes, unless notified that your card is missing, that the person who presents the card for checkouts has been given permission to use it. All items checked on your card are your responsibility. Parents assume responsibility for items checked out on a minor’s card.

How long can I keep the material I borrow?

  • Books (unlimited checkouts) - 3 Weeks
  • Books on CD (4 checkouts) -   3 Weeks
  • Playaways (4 checkouts) -       3 Weeks
  • Music CDS (4 checkouts) -     1 Week
  • DVDS (4 checkouts) -             1 Week
  • Video Games (2 checkouts) -  1 Week
  • Magazines (4 checkouts) -      1 Week

Items may be renewed twice unless they are on hold for another patron.  Interlibrary loans may not be renewed.

What if my items are overdue?

There is a 7-day grace period with no fines. Fines are $.25 per day, per item beginning on day 8, and ending when the maximum fine of $5.00 per item has been reached. No fines occur on days the library is closed.

Do you notify me if my items are overdue?

Yes; one notice is sent after an item is 3 days overdue and a Final notice will be sent on the 28th day of being overdue. If you have provided an e-mail address the notice will be sent to that address, otherwise, the notice will be mailed to the address on your account. Approximately 45 days after normal procedures to secure overdue items have failed, a record of notice may be sent to a contracted materials recovery agency or to the City Attorney for legal action as authorized in the Derby City Ordinance #1687. When the overdue account is forwarded to a collection agency a $10 non-refundable service fee is added to the user’s library account.

What if I lose or damage an item?

If an item is lost or damaged beyond repair, it must be paid for at the retail cost. No additional fine is assessed. Should you find a lost item later and has not been damaged you may bring it in, along with the Paid Receipt given to you by the library and you will receive a check back in the mail, for the amount paid.

At what age can my child come to the library without me?

Children under the age of 7 must be accompanied by a parent or other responsible caregiver who is at least 13 years of age. The library does not assume responsibility for unattended children. You know your child and can best determine when he/she is mature enough to come to the library alone. However, because the library is a public place for people of all ages, we encourage you to accompany your child during all library visits.

What is the sign-up policy for the public computers?

You may sign up to use a library computer by signing in directly at an unused computer. You will need your Derby Library card number and your pin number (last 4 digits of the telephone listed on your library account). You are limited to 180 minutes per day. Printing costs are $.25 per page.

How do I print from a public computer?

Please click here for instructions on printing from our public computers.

Where/how do I pick up my print jobs?

Please click here for instructions on releasing and picking up your print jobs from a print release station.

What is an interlibrary loan (ILL) and its policies?

An interlibrary loan is the borrowing or lending of an item from one library to another. If we do not have the item you need, we can request to borrow it from another library. There is no charge for this service, unless the lending library charges a fee. A request can take 2 to 3 weeks to fill. You will be notified when the item is available or if we are unable to fill the request. Items owned by the Derby Public Library and newly published materials cannot be borrowed from another library.  There is No Grace Period for Interlibrary Loan items.

Can I return my materials after hours?

Yes; all items can be returned by using the outside book or audio visual returns.

Can I return my items to another library?

No. All Derby Public Library materials must be returned to our library. If you accidentally return an item to another public library or school library, you still remain responsible for it until it can be located. If you are unable to locate it you will need to pay for a replacement copy.

Can I fax documents at the library?

Yes.  The Derby Public Library does offer a fax service for patrons.  To send a fax it will cost $1.00 for the first page and $0.25 for each additional page.  Cover sheets are available upon request.  We also can receive faxes for you at the cost of $0.25 per page.

Can I get documents notarized at the library?

Yes.  The Derby Public Library has five employees certified as notaries.  Walk-ins are welcome but we recommend calling to make an appointment to guarantee a notary is available.  Please note that the person signing must be present with photo identification and your document must be signed in the presence of the notary.

Can I apply for a passport at the library?

Yes.  The Derby Public Library has been designated an official Passport Acceptance Facility by the U.S. Department of State.  For more detailed information about the process and what you will need please click here.