Nook How To

How to read on a Nook

Quick Tips:  Your Nook must be registered to a Barnes & Noble Account to be used.  If you are gifting a Nook be sure they have an account, if they do not visit to create an account.  To check out our Ebooks you must have Adobe Digital Editions downloaded on your personal computer.  You must log into it with an Adobe ID.  Your Nook must then be authorized with the software.  See below for instructions to check out.

Visit our collection of eBooks here

  • Be sure to download the Adobe Digital Editions program onto your personal computer and register it with an Adobe ID.
  • Connect your Nook to that computer and authorize it with Adobe Digital Editions.
  • Browse our collection and add an Adobe EPUB or Adobe PDF Book to your cart.
  • Click Proceed to checkout and then Confirm checkout.
  • Click the “Download” button and when prompted click “Open With” and make sure Adobe Digital Editions is showing.
  • Your Adobe program should open and your ebook will download.  You can read the book on your computer with this software.  To transfer your book to your nook you must
  • Select the 'Library View' icon (in the upper left corner). The Adobe Digital Editions library is displayed.
  • Click on the Adobe eBook you want to transfer.
  • Drag the Adobe eBook to the eBook device icon in the left pane of Adobe Digital Editions. The 'Copy Documents' dialog box is displayed and the title is transferred.
  • When transfer is complete the 'Copy Documents' dialog box closes. Disconnect the eBook device and enjoy the eBook on-the-go.